Öland and Natural Stone Floors

Versatile and multi-faceted floor slabs

Our Öland stone will delight customers who are looking for an alternative or an addition to the original chateau planks. These premium floor slabs are re-finished by hand, and they have been used in seigneurial and prestigious buildings for many centuries. Today, many customers still value these impressive limestone slabs owing to their characteristic surface qualities. In addition to Öland stone floors, we carry other distinguished products made of striking natural stone.

Stone floors made of Öland slabs

The island of Öland gives these premium limestone slabs their name. We obtain our Öland slabs exclusively from this Swedish island. The process of mining this prized limestone is based on a long tradition.

Öland stone has been exported since the Middle Ages; tradespeople have shipped large quantities of this natural stone to the countries surrounding the Baltic ever since. Ornaments for churches and other monumental buildings were made using natural limestone from Öland. Baptismal fonts and entrance portals bear witness to this traditional adornment to this day.

For more than 1500 years, red and grey Öland limestone has served as construction material and has been used to create cement. In its refined form, this limestone has also been used as mill grinders. Old stone quarries contain important traces of Öland’s cultural landscape that testify to the long mining tradition.

The history of thousands of years of mining is also reflected in the numerous known possible applications for this precious natural stone. Stone walls, churches, old castles including Borgholm Castle and other buildings on Öland bear witness to local use of this stone. In the private building sector, red and grey Öland stones were frequently used for walls, facades, pillars, corridors, stairs, floors and much more.

Now you can purchase your Öland stone with special surface finishings: Two options that are in particularly high demand are the antique finishing and the “exclusive rustic surface”, which is especially popular in Northern Germany. This form of surface finishing is used in particular during renovation and completion work performed on Öland floor slabs in churches or castles, for instance.

These factors speak in favour of our Öland slabs:

  • Our direct relationship to the limestone quarry on Öland has flourished for decades and allows you to obtain your natural stone slabs directly.
  • We generally have slabs measuring 40 x 40 cm and featuring the special “exclusive rustic surface” in our warehouse.
  • The delivery terms for special orders vary, depending on the product and quantity ordered. They are typically about 12 weeks.

Other impressive natural stone floors

If our Öland limestone slabs are not quite what you are looking for, you will find numerous other unique natural stone slabs in a variety of colour variations and formats at Schlossdielen Schönlein. Their robust surfaces and unbelievably large number of facets are especially striking. Their richness of colour and structure allows these noble stone floors to adapt to any home’s furnishings and all wooden floors as well.

Which natural stone floor would you like?

Are you impressed by the appearance and character of natural stone floors and want to find the right stone type for your floor? Simply contact us and arrange for your very own personal consultation appointment in our showroom.

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