Maison Series

How about something a bit smaller?

The very wide, room-length chateau planks do not appeal to everyone’s tastes. That is why we offer our “Maison series” for customers who cherish real wood flooring, but in smaller formats. This series also features many variants from which you can choose.

Real wood floors in smaller formats

Everyone who is interested in making a purchase has different demands and wishes. Selecting plank and parquet floors is no exception. Some customers do not want to furnish all of their rooms with very wide or room-length planks, which is why they are looking for real wood floors with smaller dimensions. We would like to meet their needs as well, which is why we have created our “Maison series”.

In comparison with the original chateau planks, the products in our “Maison series” feature smaller widths and lengths. That makes it possible for us to offer you moderately priced products that still give you the quality inherent to real wood floors.

Every floorboard in the “Maison series” is one of a kind, just as nature made it. Incorporate this piece of nature into your home or your business premises and feel how the wood fills every room with life. You can choose from among different colours, surface finishings and types of wood to furnish your rooms exactly as you imagine.

Captivating features of our “Maison series”:

  • Real wood floors in small formats
  • Lengths up to approx. 3 metres
  • Widths up to approx. 300 mm
  • Material thicknesses between 15 and 30 mm
  • Available in many popular types of wood, such as oak and Douglas fir
  • Suitable for different types of floorlaying (depending on the substrate)
  • Can be glued, screwed or installed as floating floors

Example presentation

Let yourself be inspired by our patterns and click into the galleries – via Belfast to Zurich

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