Floor Accessories

A foundation that is durable, retains its value and is environmentally friendly

Premium floors require the proper accessories. Our range of products contains various lyes, oils, hard-oil waxes and varnishes. We also carry tools, cleaning agents and other implements you can use to clean and care for your floors. All of them are optimally adapted to specific materials. If you are planning to completely renovate your plank floor, we can supply you with the right products for your project, such as environmentally friendly insulation filling for floor heating systems.

Floor Accessories

Would you like to lay your new, untreated floor or renovate your completely abraded plank flooring? You will need the proper accessories to make sure your endeavour is successful. You will find them in the shop area in our showroom.

We always carry the following products:

  • Numerous lyes
  • Wood floor oils
  • Varnishes
  • Waxes
  • Colour pigments
  • Care products

You can rely on our assortment of tools and implements as well, which includes:

  • Polishing pads
  • Grinding discs
  • Rollers
  • Sponges
  • Special wipers
  • Cork strips
  • Notched trowels
  • Parquet adhesives
  • Primers
  • Floorboards
  • Parquet supports

Floor paints for special coats

Norwegian floor paint is a particularly popular product in our assortment. It is extremely resistant and was developed especially for use on untreated wood or varnished wood floors. This special coating from Norway has proven its value, even on untreated concrete in interior areas and when used to refresh furniture and doors. You can get every colour from us by RAL or NCS code.

Floor installations: environmentally friendly levelling fill or insulation filling

In times like these, when energy efficiency and sustainability strategies are important, the floor substructure and structure of complete floor systems assume increasingly significant roles. We offer you environmentally valuable insulation filling material from the brand “CEMWOOD” for these important structures. These wood shavings are coated with minerals, have unbeatable values in their life cycle assessments and are highly resilient to boot. They can withstand over 5.0 kN live load per square metre, which is required for use in public buildings such as hotels or museums. You can even apply concrete topping on top of this filling material. What are your benefits? You have absolutely no need of artificial hard foam products that cause pollution problems when disposed of. That means you are laying the foundation for a healthy room and living climate when you construct your floor.

Even if water damage occurs, the filling material dries without having to be removed. You can easily remove the coated wood shavings and re-install them, if desired. And here is another ecological advantage: If you no longer need this premium filling material at some point, you can simply add it to the soil in your garden to loosen it up. Floor insulating material really can be that sustainable and environmentally friendly.

These filling materials from “CEMWOOD” are currently approved for fill heights up to 200 mm. That allows you to realise complete installations, including warm-water underfloor heating systems. You can even install various materials on top of the fill, such as our original solid timber chateau planks, parquet, natural stone slabs or large-format tiles.

Are you looking for suitable accessories for your sophisticated floor?

Do you have questions about caring for or structuring your own custom floor, or would you like to learn more about suitable colours and insulation systems? Then please contact us so we can give you the support you need for your plans. We would also be delighted to schedule an individual consultation appointment with you here on site so you can get to know our range of accessories.

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