Visit one of the largest and most impressive chateau plank and wooden flooring showrooms in Germany. Whether you are looking for fine, large-format chateau planks or impressive natural floors made of stone or wood, you will find the floor covering that fulfils your wishes at Schlossdielen Schönlein. Our product line also includes products for environmentally friendly subsurface structuring and an extensive collection of floor protection and care products. Lovely home accessories and unique furniture round out the offerings in our showroom.

Original chateau planks 

Original chateau planks are floorboards with especially large dimensions that only nature can create. These traditionally handcrafted floorboards are exceptionally wide and as long as rooms, and they are truly one of a kind. Whether they are made of solid timber or three-layer planks, these magnificent long-timber floors leave nothing to be desired.

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Maison series

Our very wide, room-length chateau planks do not appeal to everyone’s tastes. That is why we offer our “Maison series” for customers who cherish real wood flooring, but in smaller formats. This series also features many variants from which you can choose.

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Öland stone and natural stone floors

Our Öland stone will delight customers who are looking for an alternative or an addition to our original chateau planks. These premium floor slabs are re-finished by hand, and they have been used in seigneurial and prestigious buildings for many centuries. Today, many customers still value these impressive limestone slabs owing to their characteristic surface qualities. In addition to Öland stone floors, we carry other distinguished products made of striking natural stone.

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Old wood

Fans of historic old wood won’t be disappointed at Schlossdielen Schönlein. They will find wood floors, wall panelling, furniture, tabletops and old-wood panels for building furniture, as well as planks, beams and squared timber in our product assortment.

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Accessories for floors

Premium floors require the proper accessories. Our range of products contains various lyes, oils, hard-oil waxes and varnishes. We also carry tools, cleaning agents and other implements you can use to clean and care for your floors. All of them are optimally adapted to suit specific materials. If you are planning to completely renovate your plank floor, we can supply you with the right products for your project, such as environmentally friendly insulation filling for floor heating systems.

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Furniture and accessories

Our showroom invites you to admire and find not only our exclusive, high-quality floor coverings but also choice pieces of furniture. Distinctive home accessories or pottery from the pottery workshop Nordstrander Töpferei will give your home a sophisticated note.

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