About Us

Company history, philosophy, and our company promise to you!

Bruno Schönlein founded the company “Hallen & Baustoffe Schönlein”, now known as “Schlossdielen Schönlein”, in 1993. In the beginning, he carried out all of his business activities from an office in his home and converted the attic floor into a showroom where he could present floor boards. Over the years, he succeeded in establishing “Schlossdielen”, known as “chateau planks” in English, as a premium product across the entire industry. Today, these large planks are highly valued.

In the beginning, we had the idea and the name “Schlossdiele”

Everything began in 1993, when Bruno Schönlein founded the eponymous company “Hallen & Baustoffe Schönlein”. Later, the company was renamed “Hallen & Schlossdielen Schönlein”, and it eventually received the name it bears today: “Schlossdielen Schönlein”.

Throughout the history of the company, Bruno Schönlein specialised increasingly in a special type of exclusive wooden plank. He gave these planks the splendid name “Schlossdielen”, which means “chateau planks”. His exclusive wood floors were immediately in high demand in castles, museums, churches and stately homes. Today the noble floor planks with large dimensions have become firmly established as a prized brand product among clientele and in specialist shops. Original chateau planks are the epitome of wide, exclusive, premium and beautiful wooden floors on the entire market.

The wooden floor showroom opens and draws many visitors

In the year 2000, Bruno Schönlein constructed a unique wooden floor showroom in Niebüll in North Frisia, which has already been named “Germany’s most beautiful showroom”. Since it opened, customers and dealers specialising in chateau planks and other select products have been able to gain an impression of these items before making purchases. Since the showroom building is located near the car shuttle train bound for Sylt, many interested parties take the opportunity to combine their holiday trip with a personal viewing appointment on site.

Change in management with time-proven values

At the beginning of 2018, Bruno Schönlein decided to withdraw from the management of the company and passed on this role to Thorsten Ahrens, who had been one of his colleagues for many years.

This is my philosophy:

Many of our planks and pieces of furniture consist of wood, a completely natural product. I am aware that every tree grows into its shape only once, which is why responsibly handling natural products like wood is very important to me. And I also want to know where the wood that bears our name comes from and which substances it has contacted. That lets us offer you healthy wood with exceptional chateau plank dimensions.

Wood is extremely fascinating; it constantly expands and contracts and embodies a great deal of life. Rooms featuring wood appear both beautiful and lively. All woods are different, as are all trees. Wood is a unique natural product, owing to its multitude of facets, colours, dimensions, specific growing properties and beauty. We capture these essential features and transform every trunk into unique planks with respect for nature. We try to optimally present the unique facets of all woods so you can gain a better appreciation for this lively material.

Our customers are every bit as different as wood can be. All people have their own demands that are closely intertwined with their life story. Getting to know new, interesting people every day and provide them with consulting on a trusting basis is both exciting and remarkable.

Our company promise – what you can expect from us:

  • At Schlossdielen Schönlein, you receive premium, exclusive wooden floors that are handcrafted in great detail. They are absolutely exquisite.
  • You can depend on our firstclass service, good consultation service and years of expertise.
  • Experience Germany’s most impressive chateau plank and wooden floor showroom spread out across 1,000 m2 of space.
  • Over 250 sample floors will delight and thrill you, and you will get an impression of our oneof-a-kind solid timber and three-layer chateau planks, which we have laid in numerous large spaces.
  • Discover oldwood floors, country-style planks, panel and herringbone parquet, as well as old and new natural stone floors.
  • Various unique pieces of furniture, pictures and home accessories will enchant you in our showroom.

Pay us a visit – you will be delighted!

Our equipment rental service

Are you looking for suitable machines to re-design, clean or care for your floor? We would be delighted to rent you the proper equipment for these purposes.

You can choose from among the following equipment and machines for re-working and treating your floor:

  • Threedisc sanding machine
  • Roll grinding machine/belt grinder
  • Edge grinder
  • Singledisc polishing machine from Columbus
  • Carpet stripper for removing glued textile coverings
  • Bona power scrubber for deep cleaning wood and stone floors, as well as wooden terraces
  • VOGT air lance for removing glued parquet and synthetic floors
  • Building dehydrators for dehumidifying closed rooms after the construction phase or after water damage. You can also obtain a construction ventilating fan, if needed.

Our climate-controlled warehouse

Our warehouse is equipped with climate control in order to create optimum storage conditions for wood and other natural products. In addition to high-bay and mobile shelving storage spaces, our hall has numerous storage areas on the floor. When the hall is at full capacity, it can accommodate approximately 20.000 m2 of planks and parquet.

We keep numerous different wooden floors and a wide range of accessories stocked in our warehouse so we can deliver at short notice.

We give our customers the option of storing floors they have already purchased in our warehouse until they actually need the products. That way, we make sure the products enjoy optimum climatic conditions if, for instance, there are delays in construction.

Our delivery to your home

Our excellent network of partners in the transport industry makes it possible for us to deliver across Europe. Since we normally transport large and heavy cargo, we generally deliver by lorry. The delivery weight and volume determine the delivery costs.