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Discover our variety of original chateau planks, large-format wood flooring, premium parquet and impressive natural stone floors. When it comes to fine plank flooring, you can count on Schlossdielen Schönlein as a specialist, reliable partner, and supplier. Our professional mission is fulfilling your demands for exclusive floor furnishings.

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Our discerning customers find a wide range of high-quality natural floors made of wood and stone at Schlossdielen Schönlein. Our product range also includes products for environmentally friendly subsurface structuring that are specially adapted to suit specific floors. Furthermore, you can rely on our diverse collection of products for protecting and maintaining natural and custom floor surfaces.

Our Product World

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Schönlein Schlossdielen

In 1993, Bruno Schönlein founded the company “Hallen & Baustoffe Schönlein”, now known as “Schlossdielen Schönlein”. In the beginning, he carried out all of his business activities from an office in his home and converted the attic floor into a showroom where he could present floorboards. Over the years, he succeeded in establishing “Schlossdielen”, known as “chateau planks” in English, as a premium product in the entire industry. Today, these large planks are highly valued.

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Projects Realised

Here you can see a selection of the floor projects we have realised and delivered to date. We add reference projects on a regular basis so you can get an idea of our products’ diversity.

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